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Two Dead Chicks | A Walking Dead Podcast

Oct 16, 2018

902 Rick

It's 35 days later and we get both an actual timeline to connect episodes with and we know what season we're in! Will wonders never cease on The Walking Dead? Just kidding. They'll definitely cease in 3 episodes.

But while we're here, we see how Rick and Michonne approach their respective solutions to the disharmony...

Oct 9, 2018


The dead are back to walk another day as the show kicks off its ninth season. There's a new showrunner, an 18 month time jump and the shadow of Andrew Lincoln's fastly approaching departure looming over us. We're not ready, but here we are. We talk a little about The Walking Dead's New York Comic Con panel and then we...

Aug 7, 2018

Was it the power of persistence that paid off or did we just bewilder a super busy man - riding high during his busiest year ever! - into sitting down with us? Doesn't matter!

Ross Marquand is chatting with ya girls and if you took on the mantle of reaching out to Ross via social media to nudge him along, a special...

Jul 12, 2018


Happy mid-The Walking Dead hiatus!


It’s been three months since we saw the last episode of season 8 and it will be another three months until season 9 starts. San Diego Comic Con is next week, and along with that comes a trailer and premiere date for season 9. Also, it’s 7/12. Also, it’s our two year...

Apr 24, 2018

All Out War


Guys. We made it. With the quality of the show and the ratings declining, it’s been an interesting time to be a part of the TWD fandom. But we made it through together.


We are joined by our #TDCPod Extreme Fan contest winner NettaBear (@nettabear13), contributing writer for Geek Girl Authority, to discuss the...