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Two Dead Chicks | A Walking Dead Podcast

Feb 20, 2018



Hey, thanks, The Walking Dead! We always wanted to know how Morgan learned his Ninja Turtle ways, especially the week after Glenn's presumed death. And in an extended episode.


Listen, spending an episode with Lennie James is never a bad idea, but finding out how he adopted his "All Life Is Precious" has us...

Feb 16, 2018


The Walking Dead, you are so disrespectful! This is how you're gonna do our sweet cinnamon bun, Glenn? We can't even right now!


But let's talk about Michonne a little bit: we loved how she seems to be coming into her own here. She handled Heath's attitude and distrust firmly, but with finesse (almost like she's...

Feb 13, 2018



A kind of fun idea for an episode that takes place in real time; what a welcome departure.


Looks like the Big Bad Wolves have come to huff and puff and blow Alexandria down, except they didn't know about Carol. Shoot, do we even really know about Carol?


We talk about the unnecessary teen drama, Deanna's...

Feb 12, 2018


Happy Black Panther Release Week!


To kick off Black Geek Week here in Nashville, Kia sat down with the ladies of Take Off Your Cool at The Lab to discuss what the release of this movie means to them, specifically as black women. The TOYC women also enlisted the opinions of several other black-led podcasts and put...

Feb 9, 2018

First Time Again


It's an artsy-fartsy premiere episode of The Walking Dead's 6th season! *insert any Larry David gif here* Are we in the past or present? Black & white or color? What a crazy world we're living in!


What a whole host of new characters were conveniently introduced in this episode! Would have been helpful to know of...